Matteo: Clever and smart
Hotel Matteo in Flachau - modern, trendy and best prices Are you looking for modern, trendy accommodation of the highest standard?
You’ve just found it! All year round, the Hotel Matteo offers you everything you need to feel completely at home, and much more! At a price that puts other hotels in the shade!
That’s pretty clever!
Be smart, stay clever
Holiday in the Hotel Matteo If you are taking a trip, you can count on us!
Because the current trend in travel leans more and more toward the “top, but affordable” category, at Matteo, we’ve decided to keep things clear. At Matteo, you simply get the best! No more but certainly no less!
Hotel Alpenhof ****Superior & Spa
Design & Wellness Hotel Alpenhof in Flachau For those who prefer to enjoy wellness treatments and luxury while on holiday, our Hotel Alpenhof ****Superior & Spa is the perfect destination.

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Always up to date!

Desire for spa & luxury?

Visit us at the Alpenhof Flachau **** Superior & Spa

Old? New? Definitely good!

Stop by for a beer in the "Alten Neuwirt".


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5542 Flachau
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